Support Groups

Lupus Foundation of Florida suport groups are places where you can speak freely about the challenges of living with lupus with others who are facing similar struggles and challenges. Our groups are not places where people talk about how bad they feel and complain about their lives, making everyone depressed. Our groups are positive places! We learn from and support one another on the journey. If you are newly diagnosed and feel like the only person in the world who has lupus, come to a meeting. You are not alone! If you have been struggling for a long time in isolation because you have lupus and your family and friends just don’t “get it,” come to a meeting. If you have managed to build a new life in which lupus is just one element and you are ready to help others on the journey, come to a meeting.

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Other Groups:

Lupus Sistas

Live Well in Health Autoimmune Support Group
Meets 3rd Saturday of month at Dr. Philips Hospital
Contact: Abeela Haq

Guerrilleros contra el Lupus Group for Spanish speakers
Contact: Leslie Rodriguez